So the adventure begins!  Sænar: The Die is Cast is a ruleset modified off of the d20 SRD open gaming system. If you are interested in learning more about the rules of the game, the rules will be posted on this site soon, and this page will be updated to link to it.

This blog will chronicle the adventures of a random group of characters created by good friends of mine who have volunteered to test this game and play a full campaign, modifying the system as we go if and when modification is needed.

After each session, I will chronicle the adventures experienced during that session.  In the true Klingon style of story telling, much of what is told will be an embellishment with grand style, but the substance of the story will hold true to the actions as chosen by the players for their characters.

Since in-game dialog is often rather limited during gaming sessions, I will provide dialog, scene descriptions, and other minutia that may not have been said during a session, but I will endeavor to stay true to the characters' intentions while telling a tale worthy of the characters my friends have created.